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About Us

Dear our valued customers,

On behalf of Giftiee members, we would like to say thank you for being our customer. We value the trust you have put in our products and would like to thank you for that. It was our privilege to do business with you, and it would be our pleasure to continue serving you in the future.

As a small business, we’re proud of what we do with our site and everything we ship out.

We provide the best prices possible for products and services featured on our site.
Our products are shipped from many countries (The US, China, Vietnam)
It depends on which product you order.
The 2D Apparels are shipped from The US.
The embroidered apparels are shipped from Vietnam.
Other products are shipped from China.

We are open an honest about all products. We are customers as well, we know what it is like to receive a product and be unpleasantly surprised.

We want you to enjoy shopping here so much that you not only come back again and again, but that you tell your friends about us too.